‘It’s a Dog’s World’ — Solo Exhibition by J.30000

The first solo exhibition by Canadian artist J.30000, ‘It’s a Dog’s World’ opens at BELOWGROUND, presented in collaboration with Asterisk. Celebrating the idea of taking time for oneself, the Montreal-based illustrator and painter reminds everybody to slow down and prioritise self-care in a world where we’re all constantly on the move.

The work of J.30000 is inspired by society and relationships, often depicting scenes of leisure that evoke emotions of happiness, nostalgia and freedom. With the aim to create visually appealing pieces that viewers can embrace in the comfort of their homes, the whimsical and colourful aesthetics serve to uplift by providing a sense of relief and respite.

Along with the artworks, an exclusive line of merchandise including one-off t-shirts airbrushed by the artist, the J.30000 x Project AHHA ‘PeaceDog’ Figure and key tags in assorted colours from Various Keytags will be available to purchase during the exhibition period.

‘It’s a Dog’s World’ by J.3000 at BELOWGROUND
4 to 18 March 2023
Open Daily 11 AM – 7 PM

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