Billionaire Boys Club / ICECREAM returns to Hong Kong

After twelve years, Billionaire Boys Club / ICECREAM returns to Hong Kong in a holiday pop-up store at BELOWGROUND. A cross-cultural synthesis of American and Japanese influence, the cult brand continues its mantra where “wealth is of the heart and mind. Not the pocket” – which is featured on the front of the pop-up.

Since its inception in 2003, the brand has inspired and influenced style and fashion across the world – as well as wider influences in music and culture across the world. Through working with the creative community from different disciplines, Billionaire Boys Club has continued to evolve and develop the identity of what the brand represents. 

The pop-up design is inspired by the brand’s signature Astro and Starlight elements and featured in-store is the release of the Holiday 21 collection from the Japan and US lines. Alongside new items for this season are the classic BBC logo sweaters, ICECREAM iconic flying dog pants and lifestyle goods that are perfect for the holiday season. 

The Billionaire Boys Club / ICECREAM pop-up is now (10.12) open.