On September 4th, EDIT will celebrate its 10th Year Anniversary (EDITEN) with Mahjong Day, paying tribute to the brand’s core value of togetherness. An ode to a deep-rooted cultural tradition, the EDIT team encourages participants to appreciate the timeless craft and game that have spread across different cultures and generations. In line with EDIT’s focus on sustainability and community, EDIT will also launch a one-off 100% biodegradable mahjong set with tiles made from excess fabric, creating conversations around sustainability while preserving the classic game. At the same time, EDIT will have a dedicated space featuring DOODLE FLOOR, a blank canvas for kids to create and unleash their imagination. Stay tuned to @belowground.hk on Instagram for more sign-up details for Mahjong Day.

To create a more considerable future, The EDIT Academy is showcasing an installation called HOMEDIT that educates kids about the underprivileged in Hong Kong, from now until September 9th. A collaborative art project that showcases content contributed by students of The EDIT Academy, it features a large scale suitcase that unfolds into an open shelter equipped with a bed, cooking station, compact bookshelf, storage space, and mini garden. The EDIT Academy will also host a series of Upcycling workshops that teaches the importance of sustainable practices. Stay tuned to @belowground.hk on Instagram for upcoming workshops and class sign-ups.