BELOWGROUND is a hybrid cultural and retail destination that serves as a bridge to ‘connect’ luxury retail with contemporary culture. By bringing together forward-looking brands, retailers, and creative collaborators, BELOWGROUND aims to shape a future in which no boundaries exist between luxury,fashion, culture and art. With the intention of being a thriving cultural ecosystem.

Spanning over 6,000 square feet, the BRINKWORTH designed space took into account the unique spatial attributes of the basement corner of Landmark Atrium, where the intent is to create a sense of discovery and community for audiences to intersect in one location, and have an authentic experience.

BELOWGROUND has enlisted a host of creative collaborators to bring this project to life including branding by Caneva Nishimoto, speaker systems by OJAS, music curation by Yeti Out, cultural and retail curation by Advisory Council, and many more to come.

Brinkworth is a London-based design consultancy working across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior and brand design. Established in 1990, the company has worked with an extensive range of clients across various industry sectors, including Supreme, End Clothing and Browns Fashion stores in various worldwide locations.