‘INNER MONSTERS’ — ‘See You In My Dream’ Part 2 by LEUNGMO

As the second stop in the exhibition series, ‘See You In My Dream’, the solo show ‘INNER MONSTERS’ by photographer LEUNGMO takes place at BELOWGROUND, curated by Madame Figaro Hong Kong.

Known for her imaginative and whimsical photography, LEUNGMO’s reflections upon Buddhism during the pandemic led her to explore the relationship between reality, illusion and the mind. The series opened with the prologue ‘DREAM’, where she took the viewer on a journey through the streets of Paris and Hong Kong, whilst the second part ‘LOVE’ used AI technology to explore the multifaceted and diverse expressions of love.

Now the third instalment, based upon ‘PASSION’, is presented in the form of ‘INNER MONSTERS’ at BELOWGROUND. In this exhibition of her illustrations, Leungmo revisits her childhood dream of being an illustrator, before she stumbled into photography.

Taking a humorous approach, LEUNGMO created comic strips as a child which depicted everyday events, even seeking to find the funny side of unhappy moments, like when her parents threw away her favourite Teletubbies doll or limited the time she spent online.

Rediscovering her passion for drawing, this series of new works by LEUNGMO documents her daily mood during the pandemic. Counteracting the complexities of adult life and relationships, her illustrations reconnect with her inner child, transforming endearing moments into cute little monsters. Through simple lines and direct expression – she invites the viewer to experience both the joys and sorrows of life, and encourages them to accept it all with love and tolerance.

Madame Figaro Hong Kong at BELOWGROUND
Now open until 18 July 2023
Open daily 11 AM – 7 PM
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