“THE TIMELESS LEGEND” Vintage Rolex Exhibition

The Vintage Concept unveils their vintage Rolex exhibition “THE TIMELESS LEGEND” at Belowground.

Take a trip through the history of “VR” collecting with historic models that have been immortalised in popular culture from the Rolex 6538 Submariner “Big Crown” which is also known as the “James Bond Submariner” as it appears in the 1962 movie to the now infamous Paul Newman Daytona, which has been highly coveted in recent years.

What makes this exhibition so special aside from the curation of iconic Rolex models in one location, are the multiple variations unique to each watch that makes it rare and special to the collector, and the stories that come with each timepiece.

Take a closer look at “THE TIMELESS LEGEND” exhibition which is now open to the public until 1st December at Belowground.