In celebration of Chinese New Year, multidisciplinary artist Oscar Wang presents his first solo art installation in Hong Kong with a two-part series, “Timeless Pavilion” inside Landmark Atrium, and “Timeless Games” at BELOWGROUND.

Designed by Open Work, the creative studio founded by Wang in Shanghai, the artist creates spaces for people to come together and exchange good wishes over the festive period.

Through reinterpreting traditional architecture with modern materials, “Timeless Pavilion” is the artist’s tribute to the beauty of Chinese heritage. The site-specific installation features a stainless steel structure with a series of digital animations projected onto the gauze screens that frame the walls.

Styled like traditional shadow puppets, the videos show historical figures playfully engaged in festive and leisure activities of today such as FaceTiming, golfing and watching TV.

Light-hearted elements continue at “Timeless Games”, where Wang creates a life-sized game board that offers visitors a fully immersive experience. As players throw dice to see who reaches the end first, participants can upload photos to @belowground.hk and tag #timelessgames for a chance to win gifts and rewards.

A limited-edition collection of tea-cups and red packets designed by Wang will also be available for purchase at BELOWGROUND during the exhibition period.

“Timeless Pavilion” and “Timeless Games” by Oscar Wang are open for public view from 2 February 2024 until 25 February 2024. Follow @belowground.hk on Instagram for regular updates.