‘SUPER SUPER MARKET Vol.3’ — Solo Exhibition by Haruka Yamakawa

‘SUPER SUPER MARKET Vol.3’ is a solo exhibition presented by Quiet Gallery showcasing 34 new paintings and 5 ceramic works by Tokyo-based artist, Haruka Yamakawa.

Following on from earlier editions in Tokyo (2021) and Hong Kong (2022), ‘SUPER SUPER MARKET Vol.3’ marks the third part in this evolving exhibition series. Originating during the pandemic, when going to the supermarket was seen as an extraordinary event in Japan, Haruka Yamakawa was inspired by the people and merchandise within the stores to create these works.

Filled with activity and characters from all walks of life, the artist uses her imaginative draughtsmanship to take mundane supermarket scenes and transform them into something out of the ordinary. Defined by highly saturated colour tones and whimsical plays on proportion, her unique aesthetic style is imbued with a fun, positive energy, recalling the simplistic forms of French billboard advertisements.

Amongst the new works, Yamakawa will show her first large-scale painting, ‘Running Past a Meat Aisle’. Along with the paintings, 5 ceramic works will also be on display. Hand-crafted by the artist, they bring her characters to life in 3D and open up different perspectives into her practice.

Quiet Gallery at BELOWGROUND
Open now until 27 August 2023
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