Hong Kong artist Kila Cheung shares the inspiration behind his artwork and how his adventures away from home have become a predominant theme in his exhibitions. To learn more, click here.

Kila’s first solo exhibition was called ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Guys’ (2018) held in Gallery by the Harbour, Hong Kong. ‘Teens in Sunroom’ (2019) was his second solo exhibition held in The Little Hut Gallery, Taipei. He is the planner for the book, ‘Art Toy Story’ (2018). In 2020, his solo exhibition ‘Moving Utopia’ was held in Dot Dot Dot Gallery Hong Kong. In 2021, his works were exhibited in N’s YARD Japan.

We have invited Kila to create a special box set that portrays “reunion” for this Mid-Autumn festival. For more details on the raffle entry, click here.

A special painting forms part of the boxset that is wrapped with traditional washi featuring the Grus japonensis, and brought to life by this full moon hand-painted sculpture handle.

Opening the box reveals an iconic art piece from Kila titled “Peace of Forest” with face drawn in by Kila. The meaning of it is to encourages you to share memories and emotions of faraway adventures with beloved ones.