‘EVERYBODY KNOWS’, the largest solo exhibition of Hong Kong-born artist Kasing Lung, opens at BELOWGROUND, in conjunction with LANDMARK and How2work. Continuing on from the site-specific gallery installed in Landmark Atrium, the exhibition extends throughout the entirety of
BELOWGROUND, alongside a unique retail concept.

Kasing Lung gained international recognition with the release of ‘The Monsters’ story series, including the enormously popular character Labubu. With a message of joy, love and peace, the artist’s visionary world will be presented at BELOWGROUND as a fully immersive experience.

Over 200 sketches, drawings and sculptures will be on display, offering an extensive retrospective of the artist’s oeuvre throughout the years. At the centre of the exhibition is the emblematic ‘Mirror Room’, which presents over 700 figurines reflected to infinity, including the iconic Labubu, Zimomo and KingMon.

With life-sized figurines adorning the space, other areas at BELOWGROUND will display Lung’s collaborations with brands such as Globe-Trotter, Vans, retaW Fragrance and Hidden NY. A limited-edition series of merchandise will be available to purchase exclusively at BELOWGROUND during the exhibition period.

Book your ticket now at: https://everybodyknows-landmark.com/

‘EVERYBODY KNOWS’ by Kasing Lung is open for public viewing from 26 March 2024 until 17 April 2024. Follow @belowground.hk on Instagram for regular updates.