‘FROM 30METHING TO 50METHING’ is a new solo exhibition from Hong Kong-based artist Jan Lamb, presented by Quiet Gallery.

Encompassing over 20 works, the artist showcases his signature exuberant and witty style across a range of different media such as silkscreen prints, acrylic paintings and polyester sculptures. Exhibited pieces also include some of the artist’s previous album covers.

The exhibition name is inspired by the many changes experienced by Jan Lamb in the past 20 years and reflects upon the ways in which we can adapt to them. In particular, he draws inspiration from his own labradoodle, Millie, who takes centre stage in the new works with a red nose and patch of white fur, urging us all to create joy within our own framework of reference. 

‘FROM 30METHING TO 50METHING’ is on show at BELOWGROUND from 8 December to 17 December, 2023.

Quiet Gallery Opening Hours:
(Mon-Sat) 11AM – 7PM
(Sun & Public Holidays) 11AM – 5PM

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