Specialising in natural smoothies and mocktails, Le Jus brings its ‘green magic’ to BELOWGROUND with a new store location in Landmark, offering a selection of wellness drinks catered to the lifestyle of fashionable urbanites.

Founded in 2018, Le Jus uses only 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, without any added sugar, preservatives or artificial colouring. Additionally, they have expanded into a new series of wellness drinks that include Keto and vegan options, as well as Coffee Espressothies and All Natural Mocktails.

Adding a nutritional boost to your day, Le Jus provides options for every activity in the contemporary lifestyle, including protein smoothies perfect for fitness exercises, hot drinks and lean & green options.

Now open from December 2023 at BELOWGROUND.

Le Jus Opening Hours:
(Mon-Fri) 9AM – 7PM | (Sat) 11AM – 6PM
Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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