GRS Project Rising | Drop 07 – “City of Chaos” Feat. Daidō Moriyama

For the 7th edition of Project Rising – the multi-disciplinary collaboration initiative of GrowthRing & Supply (GRS) – the homegrown cult brand introduces “City of Chaos,” a capsule collection featuring the work of renowned Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama.

The inspiration behind this project originates from the chaos we reside in and experience everyday – GRS believes that “chaos” sparks radical creativity which transformed art and culture to what it is today. “Chaotic everyday existence is what I think Japan is all about,” Moriyama once said. “This kind of theatricality is not just a metaphor but is also, I think, our actual reality.”

Daidō Moriyama’s work is defined by dark, gritty and sombre images that challenge traditional composition, focus and rules of form. Transforming the artist’s work – Black Cat, Shinjuku Cityscape and Pretty Woman – into Kimono Jackets, Silk Shirts, Tees and 2-Way Bags, the capsule collection originates from the chaos we reside in and experience everyday.

Since 2020, GrowthRing & Supply (GRS) has been celebrating and advocating art & culture from different disciplines across the globe through “Project Rising”. This collaboration with Daidō Moriyama follows on from previous partnerships with figures such as Kosuke Kawamura, Charmaine Fong and 3Keung.

“City of Chaos” is released from 22 July to 30 July 2022 (11AM – 8PM) at BELOWGROUND.