‘hello…Hello Kitty Art Show’ by Quiet Gallery

After a successful 2022 debut at BELOWGROUND with a diverse range of exhibitions, Quiet Gallery concludes the year with a standout show in partnership with Sanrio — “Hello…Hello Kitty Art Show”

Presented in conjunction with HOW2WORK and DGSQUARED, the group show brings together seven acclaimed artists, with each one visualising ‘Hello Kitty’ in their unique aesthetic style:

Charr Morita
Jessica Ng
Kasing Lung
Kila Cheung
Kohei Ogawa
Shoko Nakazawa

Running from 10th December 2022 until 2nd January 2023, the group exhibition features 11 new artworks ranging from the streetwear influenced visuals of Japanese artist Charr Morita to the whimsical fancies of Australia-based artist Jessica Ng, where a kaleidoscope of different perspectives bring a new dimension to this iconic character.

A limited-edition series of collectibles, exclusive to BELOWGROUND, will also be available during the exhibition period. In contrast to the artworks, they take on a playful twist, expressed through darker, monochromatic themes that add an air of mystery. The merchandise includes lifestyle products such as foldable chairs, lamps and plates, along with apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies and embroidery badges.

Quiet Gallery at BELOWGROUND
Now open until 2 January 2023
Mon to Sat 11 AM – 7 PM | Sun & Public Holidays 11 AM – 5 PM

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