‘Moonlit Forest Town’ – Solo Exhibition by Kohei Ogawa

The long-awaited exhibition by Japanese artist Kohei Ogawa, following stops in Taipei and Chicago, completes its journey with Quiet Gallery at BELOWGROUND.

‘Moonlit Forest Town’ features a new series of 22 paintings and 20 sculptures from Ogawa, bringing the viewer into a whimsical world of monsters and animals from the fantastic imagination of the artist.

“Deep in the big forest next to the Green Cow Garden is a town that glows on a moonlit night. A group of kind and shy monsters are living there. You can hardly see them in places where humans are infested, because they know human beings are the scariest animals in the world.” 

Started 4 years ago, the original ‘Green Cow Garden’ series by Kohei Ogawa has expanded to include multiple color variations and iterations. The artist considers these ‘monsters’ as very shy and kind children, which he hopes brings enjoyment to the people who visit the exhibition.

Stay tuned for surprise releases throughout the show duration from June 9th to 23rd, 2022.

Open daily from 11AM- 7PM (except Sun from 11AM – 5PM)