In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, visionary Japanese artist YOSHIROTTEN presents ‘Fluid Garden – MOON LANDING’, an exhibition curated by creative agency UNVEIL LIMITED, in collaboration with BELOWGROUND and LANDMARK.

‘MOON LANDING’ is a continuation from YOSHIROTTEN’s first large-scale show in Hong Kong, ‘Fluid Garden’, which opened in Landmark Atrium last month. A site-specific installation that referenced a swimming pool, it provided an immersive experience that showcased the artist’s iconic interplay between digital mirage and fantastical colour.

As summer transitions into autumn, elements from ‘Fluid Garden’ are repurposed for ‘Moon Landing’ – the sculptural seats around the pool are reassembled and reshaped to create a captivating moon installation. Bathed in its light, YOSHIROTTEN evokes the moon as a symbol of unity for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and breathes new life into previous works through an act of sustainable creativity.

In addition to the installation, ‘MOON LANDING’ also includes 4 new artworks with YOSHIROTTEN’s signature graphic treatments that are available for purchase during the duration of the exhibition.

Now open until 1 October 2023
Open daily 11 AM – 7 PM

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