Introducing: Quiet Gallery featuring Izumi Keiji

BELOWGROUND welcomes Quiet Gallery, which debuts with “Small Relationships in a Big World,” a solo exhibition by Tokyo-based artist Izumi Keiji.

On display is a showcase of 18 sculptural pieces that are all conceptual, yet somehow familiar and amusing – a galactic projection of objects sprouting from a woman’s head or the complex memories of a man represented by mini figures stacked along a staircase pattern. Each unique piece brings forth amusement with its sense of humor and special arrangements. 

Keiji incorporates various components in his pieces, just as his own personality is structured from contrasting elements. Through his creations, it seems that the individuality, including uncontrollable feelings and sensations, that characterize us are embodied as a part of the world that transcends humanity. 

The exhibition is on view from 12 May to 5 June 2022.