Asterisk IDEA Presents Tomotatsu Gima’s “23 – POP COLLAGE AIR JORDAN 1 in HONG KONG”

Hong Kong based purveyor of vintage and sought-after collectables, Asterisk unveils their latest concept “Asterisk IDEA” at BELOWGROUND. The concept brings together different cultural perspectives in one space including curated presentations of art, fashion, lifestyle and other collectables. For the space refresh, Asterisk IDEA is hosting Tomotatsu Gima’s cardboard pop art exhibition in Hong Kong for the first time. 

Originating from Okinawa, Japan, Tomotatsu Gima’s artwork gives new lives to recycled cardboard from all over the world, transforming them into collage elements to shape his sculptures and bring out the three-dimensional illusion of graphic art. Gima created 23 unique artworks, with 19 sneakers sculptures in Air Jordan 1 Retro & OG colourways from 1985, 3 special editions and a picture collage of Michael Jordan’s iconic Jumpman promo photo. Entitled “23”, the exhibition will be held between January 15th-31st 2021.