HUMAN MADE First Ever Pop-Up In Asia

Japanese lifestyle brand, HUMAN MADE, has exclusively teamed up with HBX to land its first ever pop-up store in Asia at BELOWGROUND. Combining the best of vintage and street culture, with excellent craftsmanship and unique graphics, HUMAN MADE pays tribute to the city of Hong Kong with a limited edition ‘TRAM’ graphic t-shirt alongside its SEASON 23 (Spring/Summer 2022) collection. 

Inspired by the tram memories of NIGO in Hong Kong, a specially-curated tee depicting the city’s iconic double-deck tram will be released on the opening day, 13 May 2022. With a nod to the designs of Jamie Reid for the punk band, Sex Pistols, this tee is a must have ‘Gears for Futuristic Teenagers.’

The HUMAN MADE pop-up store will be refreshed with new items throughout the season, and will feature the brand’s iconic pieces with deep references to vintage, Americana and military elements. The collection expresses a mix of bold and timeless colors accented by signature phrases of “Gears for futuristic teenagers,” “DRY ALLS,” and illustrated animal motifs such as ducks, tigers and dogs. 

“Hong Kong has become one of my favorite cities ever since my first visit back in 1995. I hope fans in Hong Kong will be inspired by the creativity of HUMAN MADE and experience a taste of Tokyo in this special pop-up in collaboration with HBX,” says NIGO, Founder and Designer of HUMAN MADE.

The pop-up store is open from 13 May to 30 Oct 2022.