To celebrate the 60th anniversary of ‘Old Master Q’, the iconic comic strip created by Wong Ka Hei (1925-2017) and continued by his son Joseph Wong, both working under the alias Wong Chak, Quiet Gallery presents a special exhibition dedicated to this enduring project that has become a time-honoured record of Hong Kong culture.

Featuring the mischievous protagonist, Old Master Q and his network of friends, relatives and associates that range from pets and monsters to aliens, the new exhibition draws out the scope of this idiosyncratic universe by turning its attention to the supporting cast.

Titled ‘Side_C’ – meaning side character – these familiar, yet often overlooked, peripheral figures enriched the world of Old Master Q, brought to life through Wong Chak’s vivid illustrations. Popular creations such as Bovver Boy, Big Potato, Mr Chin, Mr Chiu, Miss Chen and the dog Wong Dor Li will be presented through various media such as original paintings, bronze works and illustrations.

By showcasing life-size prints of these characters, visitors will be able to appreciate the finer details of their appearance. By drawing all eyes to these roles, previously never highlighted, the exhibition brings new perspectives to this unique cosmos created over the span of six decades.

‘Old Master Q “Side_C” Exhibition’ is on show at Quiet Gallery, BELOWGROUND from 17 November to 3 December, 2023.

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