A new exhibition by Japanese doll artist, Yuri Hasegawa debuted on June 7th at Asterisk store, featuring over 30 textile artworks inspired by watches.

Beyond simply telling the time, the craftsmanship of watchmaking, the stories behind each model, the artistic design, the complexity of the mechanisms, the limited edition commemorative pieces, and the record-breaking auction prices bring a different type of attention and artistry to an object that serves the basic purpose of timekeeping.

Through Ms. Hasegawa’s artistry, we invite everyone to appreciate these unique works from a fresh perspective. The exhibition theme is “TIME is LESS, the clock is ticking.” We may be constantly counting down the days of our lives, but fortunately there are many timeless things that endure the passage of time.

” TIME is LESS ” is on show at Asterisk @BELOWGROUND from 7 June to 28 June,2024

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