This mash-up of ingredients, plus being all beef, is what makes Chicago dogs what they are. - Chef Josh Stumbaugh

Newest Food-In-Residence: Midway Beef Dogs 🌭 by Black Sheep Restaurants

All the way from the football bleachers and backyard barbecues of the Windy City in the American Midwest, Black Sheep Restaurant presents their latest food concept, Midway Beef Dogs, to BELOWGROUND.

These aren’t just plain hot dogs that can be found at any random street cart in New York – these Chicago-style dogs are on a different level of toppings, flavours and nostalgia, especially for head chef Josh Stumbaugh.

β€œThey are adamant about how it’s done in the Windy City; for them, there is really only one right way to do it. There are so many toppings that the running joke is that it has been dragged through the garden,” says Stumbaugh. The hot dog is composed of nine different ingredients, working together to create the perfect balance that makes the Chicago dogs iconic and above any other.

Come on over to the BELOWGROUND space to grab a dog and a drink daily from 11AM-7PM (until sold out) daily. See you soon!