Asterisk is BACK IN ACTION…🌟

Purveyor of vintage and sought-after collectibles, Asterisk first launched in 2015 in the heart of Hong Kong. Fast forward to the end of 2020, Asterisk became one of BELOWGROUND’s inaugural residents with its latest concept “Asterisk IDEA“, and now a permanent location at Landmark.

Earlier in January 2021, Asterisk hosted Japanese cardboard sculptor Tomotatsu Gima’s pop art exhibition. Entitled “23”, the exhibition showcased 23 unique Air Jordan cardboard artworks that fused the worlds of art and fashion. In addition, the brand has also collaborated with various Japanese artists such as Yu Nagaba, Naijel Graph, Ken Kagami, Yutanpo Shirane, and Yuri Hasegawa, to curate various forms of exhibitions and exclusive apparel.