‘Alone Together 2022’ — Solo Exhibition by Mateusz Kolek

Simultaneously exhibiting both in Hong Kong and Poland, ‘Alone Together 2022’ is a continuation of the 2019 solo exhibition by the Polish artist Mateusz Kolek, but presented in a new context by ZtoryTeller.

The exhibition embodies the idea that despite being forced into isolation, Hong Kong and Poland can still be connected through art. And, while both exhibitions (from 2019 to 2022) may share the same name, the meaning and message being conveyed is completely different.

Highlights of the exhibition include the artist’s new works on Hong Kong, Poland and Japan, as well as his first monograph “Alone Together”. A collaboration with local screen printing studio “Curios Design” to re-create “Goldfish Market” using screen printing techniques will also be shown, as well as integration of AR technology to add another dimension to the exhibition.

Other exciting parts of the exhibition include the original sketches of Kolek’s popular works from his first solo show in Hong Kong in 2019, and a variety of handmade ceramics produced by the artist and his partner Pat Guzik, all made in Poland.

‘Alone Together 2022’ Solo Exhibition by Mateusz Kolek
14 to 28 August 2022 from 12 – 7 PM Daily, ZtoryTeller at BELOWGROUND