A New Ztory to Tell: ‘Gallery of Stories’

Formerly known as the online platform StoryTeller, with over a thousand published stories featuring interviews in different cities, ZtoryTeller is an art brand reborn into a physical story art gallery. Using the power of storytelling in various media, the gallery transforms virtual stories into collectible artworks, and connect communities who love storytelling with creative projects.

“Story is a door that inspires human’s imagination. With the will to imagine, we can have the ability to build a better new world.”

Through emotional, engaging, and inspirational stories, ZtoryTeller has built a global community of fans online. But to better connect with audiences in the real world, the brand presents the physical first pop-up with artworks from 9 creators at BELOWGROUND. Adding to the sensory experience, up-and-coming musician Moon Tang created an audio guide to explain the works.

The ZtoryTeller pop-up gallery at BELOWGROUND kicks off an exciting beginning of a new chapter.

On view daily from 11AM – 8PM until 4 July 2022