45R – ‘Ocean & Town & Country: A 45-year Tale’ Pop-Up Store

To commemorate the brand’s 45th anniversary, 45R debuts “Ai Shokunin Iroiro 45” which brings together the Ai dye craftsmanship from all over Japan. The brand invites you on a journey of discovery – revisiting the core values of 45R through stories of all different types of blue.

Ai-indigo, 45R’s signature colour is emblematic of the time-honored craftsmanship of using natural plant dye. Behind each piece lies the dedication and spirit of the craftsman. With the ability to create an endless number of expressions, Ai-dyed garments are always produced by hand using natural dyes, achieving a vintage greyish-blue hue that differentiates it from the reddish indigo more commonly found.

Factors such as weather, water, materials, and the craftsman’s technique make every Ai-dyed piece truly unique. “Ai Shokunin Iroiro 45” directly translates to “Ai Craftsman and 45 ways” – bringing together artisans to create a special collection that celebrate this individual spirit.

The “Ocean & Town & Country” pop-up exhibits the brand’s indigo archives while offering an in-depth exploration of the precious Ai-dye plant known as Sukumo. Fading beautifully over time, the indigo-dyed items are timeless pieces that reflect 45R’s meticulous selection of fabrics to achieve the power of Monozukuri. 

The pop-up is open from 22 July to 4 August 2022 (11 AM – 8 PM) at BELOWGROUND.