《在山上看着大海對岸的妳》A Solo Exhibition by Eric So

Quiet Gallery presents 《在山上看着大海對岸的妳》, a new solo exhibition from Hong Kong-based artist Eric So.

Since transitioning from the advertising industry in the 1990s, Eric So carved out his own genre with his breakout exhibition ‘The Art of Bruce Lee’ where he embraced action figures as a mode of artistic expression. By merging his sculpting techniques with a distinctive cartoon aesthetic, he successfully created ‘Designer Toys’ that have since gained immense popularity and many admirers.

This exhibition at Quiet Gallery reflects the new direction of So’s work in his recent years, following his solo exhibition ‘Lost ‧ Singularity’ in Tokyo in 2018. In 《在山上看着大海對岸的妳》, ceramics is utilized by the artist as his chosen medium to craft unique works of pottery that provide a more meditative outlook, with hopes of prompting viewers to contemplate their own selves.

Moving away from the saturated colour and graphic lines of earlier creations, So creates a spiritual haven through minimalist forms and intuitive compositions. Using abstract methods, these sculptures explore the topography of nature, conveying the coexistence of mountains and the sea as a metaphor for human connection between ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘them’.

Quiet Gallery at BELOWGROUND
Now open from 14 October to 29 October, 2023
Mon to Sat 11 AM – 7 PM | Sun & Public Holidays 11 AM – 5 PM

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